1. Startup-Support


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Are you a Start-Up in the vicinity of Amsterdam?

And would you benefit from intensive legal support about issues such as 3D printing, patents, copyright or privacy? Please register for the selection for our next start-up process. Registrations run until December and only a few places are available. In recent years our master’s students helped dozens of start-ups free of charge through the legal obstacles of the crucial start-up phase. Are you next?

Clinic connects start-ups like you to the best law students!

Clinic is the first Law Incubator in Europe and is closely involved with the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic (New York). We bring together the best law students and connect them to a start-up company for 6 months that would otherwise be unable to afford legal assistance. During this training process the students are intensively guided by renowned law firms. We only offer spaces to 12 master’s students a year, so after the rigorous selection process we have a strong team of dedicated and talented people. Perhaps this year they’ll be helping your start-up through the crucial start-up phase!

This is what the process looks like

After a careful selection process we connect each start-up to 2 talented master’s students for 6 months. Together you will be looking for answers to questions in the field of information law and all the while renowned law firms will be overseeing the process. During the process the students will visit your premises frequently to discuss confidential documents and relevant information with you. So they get to know your business model and can respond quickly.

This is why you want to register for Clinic’s start-up process

For start-ups, legal assistance is often too expensive, but still of major importance. Investors go for start-ups who have their legal affairs in order. This is your chance to make sure you have a sound legal basis. This could apply to intellectual property for example. In the early stages this is often your most important asset, but it is seldom well documented. Together we can avoid future legal complications. Moreover, you get to know the legal world and will discover where you should go for what advice.

Clinic is not for everyone

As stated, there is only room for a select number of start-ups per year. Are you an ambitious company that is less than 3 years old? Are you located in the vicinity of Amsterdam and will clearly benefit from our knowledge of information law? If so you have a chance to become one of the lucky start-ups.

Register now using the registration form below!

Perhaps this year we’ll be helping your company through the start-up phase!


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Application for start-up support

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