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Law students take note!

Are you at the end of a master’s in information law? And do you want to gain experience in practice? Clinic is looking for the best law students in the Netherlands for the new talent team. Prepare yourself for a dynamic master’s year of intensive collaboration with fresh start-ups, international law incubators and renowned law firms. Along the way you will attend seminars, write blogs, organise workshops and you also get credits.

Clinic introduces you to information law in practice.

The labour market increasingly calls for hands-on experience and Clinic responds to this with dedicated master’s students in the field of information law. We link the best master’s students to those with legal issues but have a limited budget. Specialised legal advice is often essential, but in many cases unaffordable. We change all this. On our platform, law students deal with the questions of young companies and individuals free of charge, supervised by specialised lawyers. A practice like this is called a law incubator and ours is the first in Europe! Every year we receive a huge number of applications, but there is only space for 12 dedicated and talent individuals. Are you one of them?
Clinic is an optional course for information law master’s studies at the University of Amsterdam, and is also open to registrations from students of other legal master’s study courses from other universities.

This is what the Clinic process looks like

During the year you deal with legal issues that come to our platform. In addition, you will be assigned to a start-up who you will provide with six months of intensive legal support. Every week you will discuss the progress with specialised lawyers from leading firms who cooperate pro bono. And in between we offer you relevant seminars from teachers, lawyers and Clinic itself. There is also plenty of room for your initiatives to make Clinic even more successful than in previous years. This could be writing blogs and giving workshops. Moreover, you represent Clinic within the international law incubator network iLINC. Prepare yourself as it will be an intensive abut also an unforgettable year!

This is what the year will bring you

After the year you will have learned to communicate with clients and to prepare and assess written legal documents. In addition, you will know even more about specific issues like intellectual property, personal data protection and business law. You are now part of an involved network of Clinic alumni, partners and of a group of international jurists linked to iLINC. Moreover, every year it appears that the hands-on experience gained by Clinic alumni is a tremendous asset during the job application process after the study. Finally, Clinic also supplies you another 6 ECTS as an optional course within the master of Information law.

You are what we are looking for?

As mentioned there is only room for 12 talented master’s students. Do you have an affinity with start-ups and are you socially engaged? And do you become excited by an intensive year besides your master’s study in which legal partnership with leading law firms, ambitious start-ups, international law incubators and dedicated student peers is paramount?

Please sign up from 1 May!

You can apply by sending an email to solliciteren@clinic.nl with a covering letter and CV. Perhaps we will select you for the next Clinic team. Remember! Registration runs up to 1 June, so submit your application on time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”50″][vc_column_text]

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