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Has anyone used your photo without permission? Or do you have a brilliant idea and would you like to know how you can protect it? We help you in situations such as these. Our expertise is principally in information law. We support you with all your legal issues in the field of privacy, copyright and trademark law. And the best of all: we do this free of charge!

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We connect talented master’s students to those with legal issues that only have a limited budget. Specialised legal advice is often essential, but in many cases unaffordable. We change all this. On our platform, law students deal with the questions of young companies and individuals free of charge, monitored by specialised lawyers. A training initiative like this is called a law incubator and ours is the first in Europe! Meanwhile, we are part of an active international network and renowned partner offices means we are very much in demand. There is only space for 12 master’s students per year and are therefore able to enact a strict selection procedure to ensure a strong team of dedicated and talented people. They are keen to help you with your questions! Below you can find a video of how it works.

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We have already discussed most of the more common questions. You can find them in the information centre on the site along with our responses.

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Please double check whether your question falls within our jurisdiction. You can ask questions within our scope below. We will call you within 14 days with an answer.


Every year we select a limited group of lucky start-ups to provide them with six months of intensive free legal support. Click here to take a look if your company is eligible!

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